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How Can Global Brands Curate Local Social Content
Posted by: Sirpa Aggarwal on Aug 26, 2013 Print PDF

Tagged in: Social Curation , Localization , Global Brands
Leading global brands understand the value of localizing their products to match varying customer tastes and preferences across global markets. They are able to drive brand value and sales with localized offerings without sacrificing the integrity of their global brands.

These global brands are also increasingly localizing the digital content on their websites and mobile apps to create country specific content. As these brands look at integrating social content and conversation from Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social platforms into their global websites and mobile apps, they need to find ways to localize those sites’ real-time social content.

The social content needs to be tailored to fit the tastes, values, and preferences of each foreign country, and delivered in that country’s native language for social interaction. This poses a new challenge for brands as the underlying social curation technology used by them needs to support localization.

Arktan recognized the need for building such localization capabilities fairly early on. We have since integrated them into our product suite. Arktan’s customers with a global presence are already offering localized social content on their global sites using Arktan SocialStreams’ natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, which apply to social content from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and blogs.

An example of the use of Arktan’s localization and NLP capabilities is the site. The site’s Fan Feed extends curated social web and onsite sports content in English for English language users, but shows only French content for French language users, as shown in the screenshot below.