Arktan Facebook Modules

Arktan has partnered with Facebook to bring Facebook insights and data to Social TV storytelling. The collaboration enables groundbreaking integration of Facebook Keyword Insights API and Public Feed API with live TV programming, and accompanying second-screen social experiences on the web and mobile apps.

Arktan’s media partners can showcase visualizations powered by the Facebook data using Arktan’s Facebook Insights Dashboard. These visualizations can be configured on the fly to showcase real-time or historical insights, and displayed on-air and on the web and mobile.

For example, a live show or a sports game on TV can now easily include a real-time leaderboard visualization of the top topics or players being discussed on Facebook during the live programming, a heat map of where any particular topic is getting the most buzz, and whether the given show is more popular among males or females, along with an age group distribution.

Animated Heat Map
Animated Heat Map

Customizable and animated Heat Map of mentions of a topic on Facebook.

Trending Celebrities 2

Real-time dotted visualization of clickable trending celebrities, such as athletes, artists and actors, showing the total number of public and private mentions on Facebook.