Arktan SocialStreams

Arktan SocialStreams provides an enterprise-class solution for curating real-time content and conversation from any source on the social web, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GetGlue, and Tumblr, as well as blogs, and your existing CMS.

Arktan SocialStreams extends real-time curated social content and conversation to your sites, mobile apps, TV, and big screen for user interaction. SocialStreams enriches the real-time content with multimedia content, including photos, videos, maps, and visually engaging snippets.

Examples of solutions powered by Arktan SocialStreams include Social TV, Celebrity Home Pages, Curated Social Hubs, Social Chatter, Live Blogging, Live Event Coverage, and Photo Campaigns.

Main Features
Social Web
Use your favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, Tumblr, YouTube, TwitVid, Instagram, and more, to increase engagement with real-time content and conversation on your sites and apps.

Interactive posts engage users to like, reply, or share, using their favorite social login. Real-time social streams syndicate @replies and Facebook posts back to your sites and apps, driving engagement and time spent.

Users can interact with real-time social web content and conversation embedded on your sites and apps, without having to refresh the pages.

Arktan SocialStreams allows you to control the social content and conversation on your sites and apps. Spam and bad words are automatically filtered. Moderators can remove comments, and ban selected users from pages.

Inline Media
Watch as links are transformed into interactive media. Your audience can view photos, videos, and visually engaging snippets in real-time social streams.

Works Everywhere
With few lines of HTML you can create multiple customized white-labeled social streams. Arktan SocialStreams powers real-time social experiences on your sites, apps, and TV.

Use CSS to control the colors, fonts, and other styles of your live blog to match the look and feel of your brand. You can add or remove any combination of comments and tweets from real-time social streams.

Open Platform
Arktan SocialStreams is based on open technologies, and is inter-operable using open standards and APIs.

Supported Social Web Sources
Tweets from nominated Twitter accounts.
Tweets search based on keywords and hashtags.
@reply tweets.

Facebook posts from Facebook pages.
Facebook search based on keywords.
Facebook comments.

Bookmarks, Reviews
StumbleUpon, Delicious for bookmarks.
Reviews from Yelp, Netflix, etc.

YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe videos.
Flickr, Picasa photos.
Twitpic, Instagram, YFrog, Lockerz, Picplz, Twitter photos, etc.
Music from Pandora,

Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress, etc.
Content enrichment based on Open Graph standards.
Classification based on keywords on sites and apps.

Nominated RSS feeds.
Content enrichment based on Open Graph standards.
Classification based on keywords on sites and apps.